I.DESIGN was founded in 2006 in Beirut Lebanon, since its inception as a large retailer of Italian and European designer home furniture and home accessories specializing in Neo-Classic, Modern and minimalistic furniture line, targeting the middle to high end markets with remarkably affordable prices.


Over the past years the company has grown exponentially and has rapidly expanded its markets due to the growing demand on its uniquely designed and artistic products.


This success is mainly due to the company's consistent adherence to a strict moral and ethical code towards its clients and also to the rigorous implementation of the most advanced technologies in its production lines plus the selection of exotic and particular raw materials especially created and designed to be environmentally and ecologically friendly.


Today I.DESIGN supplies both residential and contract projects with an affordable high quality custom made home furniture uniquely designed and especially created to perfectly suit your life style and to organically compliment your taste and choices.



I.DESIGN is currently in the process of building its new manufacturing facilities of over 40,000 square meters of covered space, solely dedicated for the production and assembly of Italian and European designer furniture and home accessories, in a joint venture with several renowned Italian manufacturers and producers of the most exclusive and unique home furniture lines in the world.